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  • ns007
    07-08 06:43 PM
    I am of the opinion that what happened in june 2007 actually helped greatly the oversubscribed countries in probably advancing the dates for next fiscal year as many people got approved who probably shouldn't have.

    I agree with you.I am also of the opinion that July Fiasco has actually helped India and China (oversubscribed countries).USCIS might have approved tons of EB2 and EB3 (India and China) applications to use those 60,000 visa numbers.So, India and China might have got a big pie of the 140,000 EB visas.

    With that said I also felt the pain as other members did due to the July bulletin fiasco.

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  • punjabi77
    12-18 11:04 AM
    I dont see anything wrong in what Auntlay asked for..he has asked for investigation as to how Karkare was killed.
    his initial verbage was not good..but what he asked later was completely justified..
    All the people in the van, in which Karkare was killed, died except one Hawaldar..
    And all the top cops in the same van at the same time, somethings needs to be justified..

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  • Waitingnvain
    01-30 10:24 PM
    I have been trying to access the report that Lou Dobbs alluded to in his program.Did anybody find the report.In any case we should counter his BS with facts and send it to CNN.


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  • gc28262
    12-22 05:43 PM
    On the other hand if some one is attacking me in my home and/or hurting my family or freinds, I have full rights to defend and call for justice to prosecute the attacker, in this case declaring Pakistan a terrorist country.

    So you don't consider Kashmir as part of your home.Majority of Indians think Kashmir is part of India.

    Where does the boundary of your little world end?I know the boundary starts with you.How big is that world ?

    It is so enlightening to learn that you care for people other than yourself.

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  • GC_Applicant
    04-09 01:05 AM
    Thanks for the info.Did you enquire about FHA loans., and how hard or easy it is to get.


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  • smisachu
    12-28 08:22 PM
    As I have said in my post, the pak civilian govt is not at fault; at least now.The terrorists have over run Pakistan and on a long term basis it is not only bad for India but for Pakistan itself.I am pretty sure you realize it now.

    The techonology needed to deliver and set off a nuke is not something that could be purchased and used out of the box, Pak does not have the full capability even according to paks own accounts.Now let us neglect this point, it will be highly unlikely that Pak will use a nuke even if it could.The consiquences of nuking in the modren world is dire and no one in Pak or India have the balls to do something like that.Pak depends on US funding heavily and it cannot afford to cut off such a source by using nukes.

    Finally- my question to you is why dosent Pak simply kill all these crazy SOB's and hand over the terrorists to India so they can hang them.We all know where these guys are so let's not pretend that Pak is "searching" for them.So instead of defending terrorism I really want see Pakistanis stand up and tell their government to either fry the damn terrorists or be fryed!!You are feeling the pinch of supporting religious fanatics now, this is the time to clense your self socially.

    Since more than a few hours have past since this thread was started, I can think that we can sleep in peace knowing that there won't be a war.

    Having said that, I am startled at the number of Indians who seem to be sold on the idea that war is the answer.I went over to an Indian friend of mine and was shocked at the type of coverage.It seemed so much like the US media before the Iraq invasion.

    Exactly what will India accomplish by squandering away the economic clout it has gathered?Yes India is a regional power and probably an emerging global power.Yes, in a long drawn out conflict, Indian will probably win.Happy now?But at what price?PLEASE, Indian is no US and Pakistan in no Iraq.

    What I need to know is that what %age of Indian population believes this and the wh*le "Chinese-made" nuke crap?Is it being spewed out on TV by arm-chair generals and defense analyst?This will explain why everyone is sold on the wh*le War idea.And this after the debacle that US finds itself in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Does anyone understand the concept of a nuclear doctrine?I have been out of it for a while and I don't think that Pakistan has published its nuclear doctrine but it has been speculated upon.The general consensus is that, at least initially, Pakistan will use the nukes on its own territory.Both as a means to inflict casualties on advancing Indian troops and as a means of area denial as neither army is equipped to fight large scale battles in a NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) theater.Forget Pakistan but do you have any idea what the fallout do to the fertile agricultural land in India?And this is not even considering that the Pakistani leadership may decide to go down in a blaze of glory and launch strategic strikes against major population centers.

    War is no answer and should not (and probably will not) happen.

    Disclaimer: I am a Pakistani.While I am in IT, at one point in time I was considering a career in Strategic Studies and was serious enough that I started applying at various colleges.Had to drop the idea as I could not secure funding.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    09-30 03:01 PM
    He had proposed a very harsh H1b revamp and a total revamp of the L1 visa system.
    for example companies hiring H1 would have had to certify and attest that multiple american candidates were interviewed for the poisition.The prevailing wage had to be the highest of three measures (i forget which 3).Transfers were limited or restricted.On the other hand the Dream act simply gave citizenship to any illegal attending high school.The Senator talks about humane immigration and i agree to a certain extent but it should be humane for legals too.

    Yes, you are right, the recent 485 denials for people using AC-21 have nothing to do with Obama/Durbin immigtaion policy.But I kind of remember there were some harsh provisions for people using AC 21 in CIR 2007 version.I am trying to find out the details about it.
    Correct me if I am wrong.


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  • django.stone
    09-26 07:03 PM
    I agree with 485Mbe4001 and many other folks on this thread that have talked about the results of Obama victory - USA would face socialist policies and personally our GCs could be affected by protectionist agenda.I have never understood why Indians (even 2nd generation) by default support Democrats, when all the values and rational reasons point us towards Republicans.I am libertarian in my views and a staunch supporter of republicans.

    Reasons for Indians to support Democrats -

    1.Generally religion neutral and not influenced by christian right wing
    2.Generally tolerant of people from other cultures rather than being a party of white folks run by white men
    3.Tendency to help human/environment suffering
    4.Afraid of military draft that could recruit our kids

    Reasons for Indians to support Republicans -

    1.Supportive of outsourcing which is one of the many reasons our home country is flourishing these days
    2.Supportive of entrepreneurship, which many if not all Indians plan to pursue at some point in their life time in USA
    3.Lower taxes so you can spend your money rather than have govt spend it for you in things you don't need (such as bear research in Montana for $3MM)
    4.Privatize social security so you can keep you own contributions rather than throw it into the common pool.Let me explain this a bit here.Indians contribute to SS all their life until 65, but never get to enjoy it as rarely we live past 65.Life expectancy of Indian women is around 60 and men is around 55, rarely we live up to 75+ like Caucasians.What happens to the money we contribute to the common pot?It is enjoyed by somebody else, if we had private accounts, you can retire around 55 and enjoy your contribution till you live.
    5.Family values of Indians very much like the value system of middle-america's republican base - religious, hard working, humility, respect for elders, american dream of owning a 3bed-2bath house with a yard, cul-de-sac and basketball etc.
    6.Aligned with Indian govt's views on fighting terrorism
    7.Allow your kid to go to private school of your choice with your tax dollars, rather than force you to send your kid to public school in your area


    Now coming to the issue on hand, overall roughly 60% to 80% of americans do not want any kind of immigration (check wikipedia).That is the unfortunate truth!We should all be lucky to be here due to generally business friendly laws that allows for H1B visas and EB GCs for skilled labor.If left to public, immigration would be banned.Hence, I believe both parties use this as a posturing issue during elections to their favor.khodalmd in the previous thread explained the breakdown of republicans/democrats accurately.Logically speaking, republicans can be convinced about its need to sustain economy and generate taxes as more baby boomers retire, but this logic is these days trumped by mix up with illegals.

    If Obama wins, economy/stock market would tank, more jobs would be outsourced.My fear is that during those times, any kind of immigration law would not pa*s.If god forbid, layoffs start to roll, then many of us may have to start from scratch, hence I call it perfect storm.

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  • Macaca
    01-20 10:11 AM
    Could Congress Be Waking Up?( By THOMAS E.MANN, MOLLY REYNOLDS and NIGEL HOLMES | NY Times, Jan 19

    AMID the clamor of the presidential campaign, itп